Saturday, September 17, 2005


My summer vacation③

I went to Tokyo Disney Resort with my classmates, Cana,Kanako and Shiho. We went to there by bus. On first day, we went to Disney Sea. In this park, my recommendation is "Center of the Earth". I don't know, this attraction's theme and story. But!!! this attraction's power is great. There are sharp fall, turn, launch. Before we ride it, kanako.H feared to ride. But we persuaded her and put her the attraction little forcibly. It was O.K. She enjoyed so much☆
On second day, we went to Disney Land. In the park, i think" Space Mountain"is most horrible attraction. This attraction' s theme is space , so we go in the dark with high speed!!
My recommendation is " Splash Mountain". There are some sharp fall point . The most sharp fall, take a picture. We bought the picture, so you want to see it, please tell me. In this picture, our expressions are wonderful!!
We enjoyed Tokyo Disney Resort very much. Disney characters are very cute, attractions are great, foods are delicious!!!!
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