Wednesday, September 07, 2005


My summer vacation ②

Universal Studios Japan September 3rd
I went to USJ with Shiho, Kanako.H, Tomoe and 7 overseas students. This plan is Kansai Gaidai's "Experience Japan Program."
At 9:30 a,m, we met Osaka station. That was the first time I met overseas students. I was tensed up and thought " What should I talk to?" " Can we entertain them with our reception?". I was anxienty about them.
Anyway, we went to USJ. It was very hot and good weather. We took pictures and taiked little by little, and rode many attractions. Especially, at " Spiderman"we were in great agitation. We enjoyed USJ with attractions and foods.
I always felt a wall of language. When I could go on conversation, I felt happy. But I could't, it was regrettable for me. At scene we have to decide something, overseas students cooperated to say anything. It was very helpful for me. Not only language but also cooperation is important for us, I thought. I want to be a good English speaker.
Hi! USJ trip was very stimulated for us! I also felt a wall of language. I want to speak English more. We must study English for we will not fail next time!

But I spent very enjoyable time!!
Thank you☆
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