Wednesday, September 07, 2005


My summer vacationâ‘ 

Osaka Brass Band Competition August 14th
I have beeb entered a brass band named "Machikaneyama Suisougakudan". This band' s conductor is my high school teacher , but he didn't take part in the contest. This band is composed about 80 persons. The ratio of students to members of society is 2 to 3.
I played the piccolo this time, and had a solo part in assignment music. I felt responsibility for the solo part. So I practiced anytime at home.
At stage, I was tensed up especially that solo. But I relaxed gradually. The latter, I could play with pleasure. I was happy to playing in the band.
The result, we got Gold Prize!! But we could not go on next stage ( Kansai brass band competition). I lamented that we couldn' t go.
At that evening, we ended the competition with a drinking party. I talked with members. I enjoyed so much.
This time's reflection is I should have practiced much time. And judge said " Our sound is beautiful, played good music". I felt we have to aim to high level performance, approach to completion, besides to beautiful sound and good music.
I 'm looking forward to opportunity of playing with "Machikane' s member".
Wow, congrats on winning the gold.

Your holiday sounds facinating. How did it go with the foreign students? Now, I see them all over KansaiGaidai.. so many..

did u make any friends?
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