Monday, June 27, 2005


The Summer Holidays

1.Do you plan to travel somewhere this summer holiday? Where, Who, How, and why?
I plan to go to Tokyo Disney Resort.I will go to with Cana, Kanako and Shiho.There are a lot of atractions and delicious foods in TDR. Now we consider Tokyo Disney Land and Tokyo Disney Sea, which we go. To be honest, we want to go to both of them.But it costs a lot of money. We don't give up to go to there! We are sure to go!! Because we are invited from Mickey Mouse!!!!
And I belong to Brass Band. That name is "Machikaneyama Suisougakudan". I play the Piccolo at this band. Now we practice for competition.We aim for a good performance! It hold at " Osaka seisyounenn kaikann" on August 14. Please come there!!

2. Do you think you will use English during the summer holidays?

I will not special English study, for example study abroad,traveling abroad. But i want to find chances fot talk with foreign people. So, I applied for speaking partner program and experience Japan program. I hope to be elected these program. If I were elected, I would like to talk a lot.

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