Tuesday, May 10, 2005


My ideal

I am looking for the man of my dreams.He should be about 175cm tall and weight about 70kg.This person should have brown or black hair and black eyes,and I want someone who likes to music and is also interestes in outdoor sports.I hope this person likes to listen to classical and jazz music and likes to eat Japanese food and sweets because there are my favorious.I hope I can find my ideal mate, who has a sincerity personality and one who also make me happy and he is nonsmoker.
I agree with you in the point that you ask the ideal person not to smoke.I hate the smoke of tobacco too much!So,I also hope such man as boyfriend.In outdoor sports, I want you and your boyfriend to play frisbee.It is certain to have a very good time!!(^-^)v
Hi!!I think the man of your dreams is cool.I like Japanese food too.Because it is healthy and delicious.I'm sure you can meet the man!!
Hi! Chiemi!
The man who makes you happy is very nice man! I hope you find your dream man! I can imagine you and the man listen to classical music. And if you find the man, please tell me!!
Hi! Your dream man is nice. I'm also like Japanese food! You'll able to find your dream man soon.
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