Monday, May 23, 2005


My Favorite Actor

I often change my favorite actors.Now,They are Syunsuke Nakamura,Satoshi Tsumabuki and Masaharu Fukuyama.Especially I like Syunsuke Nakamura is the best.Not a soccer player.He was active in model world.So he has a nice build.Lately ,he is active as an actor.He is handsome and fresh.
Satoshi.T 's countenance is my favorite too.And Masaharu.F has good atmosphere and dandy,I like this point .

Tuesday, May 10, 2005


My ideal

I am looking for the man of my dreams.He should be about 175cm tall and weight about 70kg.This person should have brown or black hair and black eyes,and I want someone who likes to music and is also interestes in outdoor sports.I hope this person likes to listen to classical and jazz music and likes to eat Japanese food and sweets because there are my favorious.I hope I can find my ideal mate, who has a sincerity personality and one who also make me happy and he is nonsmoker.

Thursday, May 05, 2005


Kana's Health Habit

1.Do you smoke?No,I don't.
2,How much coffee do you drink?Sometimes.
3.How much alcohol do you drink?Twice a year.
4,How much water do you drink?Sometimes.
5,How often do you eat fresh fruit and vegetables?Everyday.
6,How often do you eat junk food?Twice a month.
7,Are you overweight or underweight?Overweight.
8,Do you take vitamins?Yes,I do.
9.How often do you exercise?Sometimes.
10.What kind of exercise do you do?Running.
11.Do you usually take the stairs or the escalator?The stair.
12.Do you often breathe smoky or polluted air?Yes.
13.Doyou often feel tired or stressed?No.
14.What do you do to deal with stress?Listen to music .
15.How many hours do you usually sleep a night?About seven hours.
16.How often do you go to the dentist?Once a year.
17.Do you have regular medical checkups?No.
18.Do you protect yourself from the sun and avoid using tanning clinics?Yes.
19.Do you regularly use chemical hair dyes or bleaches?Yes.
20.Do you ever read books about health?Yes.

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